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SX Snaps

The YKK Advantage

The "SX" system requires no pre-punching before attachment and ensures a secure attachment on the widest range of fabrics and garment styles. Components will not rotate or button hole through properly supported applications. As an added feature, because of the fastener style and the attachment process, assembled components offer a near water tight attachment on special applications and fabrics.

In addition, with a basic hand tool the "SX" snap system can be removed after attachment without damaging most knit and woven fabrics. After removal, a new "SX" fastener can be reapplied in the same or another location, eliminating garment seconds due to misplaced snap fasteners.

Typical Types of Applications

The "SX" snap is right for products requiring a medium to heavy tension snap fastener. Typical applications are light, medium and heavy woven fabrics and materials, knits are an option with correct construction and stabilization.

Examples include: outerwear, sportswear, foul weather garments, fireman's apparel, work clothing and a variety of other apparel and accessory applications. Special applications can be made on woven webbing and strapping materials, leather, seating material, footwear, canvas and personal protective equipment.