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SW Snaps  
The YKK Advantage

"SW" snaps are available in two variations, the SW-30 and SW-61. Both sizes are designed for applications requiring fasteners with a light to medium snap action. Each variation is compatible with 20, 24, or 27 ligne snap tops. Optional substrates include: nylon, rubber-type synthetics, stainless/brass, or solid brass. All other components, sockets, studs and posts are solid brass. These components are rust resistant and can be finished in a wide range of plated metallic and oxidized finishes. Variations in post lengths expand the range of application foundation thicknesses to which the system can be applied. Custom designs and personalized logo tops are available.


Basic fabric applications range over a variety of woven and non-woven fabric weights and materials. The application of a "SW" fastener on knit fabrics is not recommended in most cases.