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The YKK Advantage

Metal Collect tack buttons can be attached with either a 2-prong tack or a single prong tack. The Metal Collect button - attached with a 2-prong fastener offers secure attachments - prevents button rotation, and avoids button "pull through." Another special feature of the 2-prong attached button is its ability to be applied to a wide range of fabrics and foundation thicknesses. The 2-prong fastener can be removed and a new one applied with minimal fabric damage. Other types of buttons can not offer such a wide range of application variations with the same level of security.

Metal Collect buttons attached with 2-prong fastener offers maximum attaching strength with minimal compromise to the fabric integrity. Excellent for stretch denim and light weight fabrics.

Swivel buttons offer flexible rotation of the button body, while maintaining a securely attached base to the fabric. Swivel buttons are attached using a single tack aluminum fastener.

Nylon Collect buttons utilize a molded plastic collect with a metal cap. The button assembly is attached with a threaded aluminum fastener thus creating a lightweight, low cost alternative to the metal collect type tack button. Reduced weight is an advantage for cost savings when shipping large volumes of product over long distances.

Metal Collect buttons attached with a single prong tack offer a high pull through strength at a slightly reduced cost over 2-prong tack attached buttons.

Nylon Inserted Metal Collect buttons incorporates the strong look of a metal collect button with the light weight and attachment security of a nylon collect button. The combination allows for maximum attachment strength with fashion design flexibility. This type also uses the threaded aluminum fastener.