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SA Snapet  

The YKK Advantage

Snapet snap fasteners are available in sizes 14, 15, and 16 ligne. Each variation is available with lead free painted prong rings or capped prong rings with other special optional features by product size. Special designs and personalized logo are available on capped prong components.

To meet the growing global anti-nickel trend, YKK Snap Fasteners America has developed an alternative finish for nickel plating. This alternative finish is referred to as white bronze and meets current anti-nickel legislation. White bronze plating also meets "Kensin" standards for metal detection and is Dermasafe minimizing the nickel content that causes nickel dermatitis.

All applications should be reviewed and approved by YKK Snap Fasteners America's technical applications specialist. Only YKK Snap Fasteners America approved dies and equipment should be used to attach Snapet snap fasteners.